Impact of Indoor Environment Quality on Businesses

"It has now been shown beyond reasonable doubt that poor Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) in buildings can decrease productivity in addition to causing visitors to express dissatisfaction."


Employees represent a significant portion—approximately 90%—of typical office expenses. By placing a strong emphasis on their needs and fostering a supportive work environment, you cultivate not just their well-being but also bolster productivity, job satisfaction, retention rates and overall success of the business.


of office employees believe that their productivity and wellbeing is affected by poor IEQ conditions.

of office employees find that the healthiness of the building affects their mental wellbeing.

Invest in IEQ for Improved Performance and Thriving Workforce

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Shopping Centers

Optimizing indoor conditions impacts both consumer decisions and employee performance in stores. A comfortable environment encourages longer stays, product interaction, and confident purchases, offering businesses a strategic edge by investing in a superior customer experience.


of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.

of customers will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.

Unlock the power of IEQ for Happy Customers and Thriving Retail Success

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Hospitality Venues

Prioritizing health and comfort increases guest satisfaction, nurtures loyalty, and drives positive reviews and referrals. Enhancing IEQ empowers hospitality venues to create a memorable, guest-centric environment through innovative, energy optimized and sustainable practices.


of customers decide where to stay based on proof about the hotel's IAQ.

of customers would pay more for their stay.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Hospitality Excellence Through IEQ Investments

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Educational Centers

IEQ significantly affects students' well-being and academic performance. A learning environment should adhere to high IEQ standards that enhance comfort, focus, and cognitive abilities, empowering students to realize their full learning potential and achieve academic success.


of parents believe that the quality of the air students breathe impacts their health.

of parents believe that the quality of the air students breathe impacts their learning.

Invest in IEQ for Happy Staff, Satisfied Parents and Flourishing Students

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Healthcare Facilities

The quality of the indoor environment in healthcare facilities significantly influences patients’ recovery, staff satisfaction and productivity. Poor IEQ is directly linked with higher hospital-acquired infection rates and increased complaints.


of the patients are dissatisfied with the IEQ.

of the visitors are dissatisfied with the IEQ.

Invest in IEQ for Patient Wellness and Staff Satisfaction

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Other Buildings

IEQ significantly influences building design and maintenance, offering advantages to both owners and occupants. For owners, it elevates property value, reduces expenses, and improves tenant satisfaction, fostering enduring financial success. Simultaneously, occupants experience healthier, more productive, and enhanced quality of life, underscoring the shared significance of IEQ.


of people are complaining about inadequate ventilation leading to stuffiness and/or odors.

of the buildings' energy consumption is for HVAC.

Invest in IEQ for Sustainable Spaces of Comfort and Inspiration

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