Research & Innovation Projects


In collaboration with Phoebe Research & Innovation, the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence team of the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology and the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative. The SIEQUA-CERT aims to effectively combine all partners' IP and expertise to design a framework of intelligent analytics, leading to the deployment of a Web-based actionable DSS , which will combine real-time monitoring of IEQ and a quantifiable impact metric on occupants' health. Virus survivability and transmissibility risks for high occupancy indoor environments will also be estimated and visualized. The produced output can be used by large high occupancy building owners/operators for identifying problems and for taking corrective actions supported by the DSS.


The CoronaSense team has been working on the IAQ monitoring challenge for the last eight years, producing several high-impact peer-reviewed journal publications and software. The overall objective of the project is to develop and bring to the market an innovative software to assess in real-time the IAQ specifically for conditions that enable the spread of COVID-19 in large public indoor spaces. This will enable the proactive minimization of the spreading risk of the virus and the minimization of the overall effects of poor IAQ on occupant’s health. As part of this project, the company LELANTUS INNOVATIONS, will coordinate the development of a minimum viable business product, its validation in an operational environment, and the evaluation of its commercialization potential with early adopters and potential investors.


The overall objective of the AURA project is to bring to an international market an innovative software for IAQ monitoring, that can significantly improve the indoor air-quality monitoring in large, energy efficient buildings while also reducing the overall cost of the monitoring system. As part of this project, LELANTUS INNOVATIONS will conduct a feasibility study and prepare a business plan, to determine the specifications and requirements for the target market, develop and demonstrate the solution in specific indoor environments, prepare a minimum viable business product, validate its applicability and evaluate its commercialization potential with early adopters and potential investors.