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Indoor Environment Quality Consulting


Visual Inspection of the built environment

This phase aims at identifying possible Indoor Environment Quality problems in your company/organization that are caused by various processes, molds or any other factor resulting from your specific indoor space utilization.

Specialized Surveys

This phase aims at the preparation of specialized surveys specifically tailored for your buildings. The aim is to understand how the people in your company/organization perceive the Indoor Environment Quality and identify possible problems.

Professional Analysis of Results and Reporting

Our expert team with many years of experience in Indoor Environment Quality analysis will analyze in-depth all the information gathered and provide a detailed report about the non-optimized processes, utilization problems and/or other possible factors that affect the Indoor Environment Quality and in turn the people in your business.

Increased productivity

Identification of possible IEQ problems that lower productivity.

Lower Operational Costs

Identification and sub-optimal Indoor Environment Quality related processes and operations (e.g., heating, ventilation and air-conditioning strategies, lighting usages, maintenance schedule etc.) .

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Employees acknowledge that their employer cares for the wellbeing of the people in the business. May also increase Employee Retainment.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

For Businesses mainly in the Hospitality Sector (e.g., restaurants, hotels, cafes, malls, shops etc.) provides a way to differentiate from the competition and shows their interest for the wellbeing of the customers and a way of enhancing the overall customer experience.

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