• Every building is different and is utilized in different ways!
  • More than 10 years of experience and cutting-edge research in the IEQ monitoring sector!
  • Tailored solutions for your business towards the creation of a healthier, more productive, and satisfactory indoor environment for employees, visitors, and customers!

Advanced Analytics & Decision Support

Unlock the potential of your space with innovative advanced analytics (e.g., comfort, productivity and health indices, time-over-threshold analysis) and a never-before Decision Support System (DSS).

Automated Reporting & Advanced Analytics (Airthings Business)
Beyond raw data, advanced analysis supports educated decisions. Functionalities include automated reporting, time-over-threshold, and space utilization analytics.
Automated Occupant Reporting
Easy and accessible way for occupants to provide feedback for the IEQ and any related health problems. Automated consolidation, analysis and visualization of data for building owners, operators and H&S officers.
Indoor Environment Quality Index (Domognostics)
Innovative Indoor Environment Quality Index based on the collective knowledge of worldwide standards and IEQ accreditations which combines 4 key objectives:
  1. Comfort/Productivity
  2. Health
  3. Virus Transmissibility Risk
  4. Energy efficiency in terms of IEQ
Decision Support System (Domognostics)
We take it a step further than what is currently available in the market through a never-before Decision Support System (DSS) that provides suggestions/recommendations for improving IEQ. It utilizes the combined knowledge of the building, the data and the occupants’ perception.

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Continuous Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of multiple IEQ parameters with state-of-the-art sensing technologies. Automated alarms and trend visualizations allow you to quickly assess any issues and analyze sensor data from all your devices.

Wireless Sensors
A wide range of sensing technologies is available, leveraging both wireless and wired sensors to provide real-time data on multiple IEQ parameters (e.g., Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, Radon, Light, Noise). They support multiple communication protocols (WiFi, Lora, Airthings SmartLink, Ethernet).

Accurate, secure, aesthetically pleasing and sustainably manufactured from leading OEMs (e.g., Airthings, Envira-IOT, EMBIO Diagnostics).
Cloud Platforms
Enable visualization of real-time and historical data, trends, and advanced analytics to gain insights and support the optimization of IEQ and the overall performance of indoor space. Get notified with automated alarms as soon as predetermined and time-depended thresholds are surpassed. Custom dashboards for immediate access on the most important parameters. Multiple user accounts.
  1. Cloud Platform options include a leading commercial platform by Airthings and Domognostics cloud platform developed in partnership with PHOEBE Research and Innovation.
  2. Certificate of IEQ monitoring


Analysis of the indoor space, the specific needs and requirements, any identified problems and how occupants perceive the indoor environment to design and propose the most cost-effective and impactful decision support solutions.

Building Operation Analysis
Aims to understand from a building’s operator and Health & Safety officer’s perspectives the primary utilization characteristics of indoor spaces, the characteristics of the installed Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and any other problems. This includes documenting any reported and potential inefficiencies along with any issues related to IEQ.
Specialized Surveys
Aim to extract insights on how occupants perceive the indoor environment quality and any potential issues they have noticed. The surveys are based on worldwide standards (i.e., ASHRAE, WHO, ISO, ANSI/ASHRAE, REHVA) and enhanced through our expertise in the sector.
Monitoring Solutions Recommendations
Combination of building operation and survey information, along with state-of-the-art sensing technology options from leading OEMs to design a cost-optimized IEQ monitoring solution specifically for the needs and requirements of your business.