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Indoor Environment Quality Questionnaire for Large Buildings



The questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to be completed.

The questionnaire is provided in the framework of the project: “Sustainable Indoor Environmental Quality Certification – SIEQUA-CERT” (CO-DEVELOP under Grant Agreement CODEVELOP-ICT-HEALTH/0322/0054). 

More info on the SIEQUA-CERT project can be found here.


Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is a detrimental factor that affects the comfort, productivity, health and wellbeing of employees, visitors and customers. This questionnaire aims at gathering crucial insights regarding Current Practices, Standard Operating Procedures and Common Problems related to the IEQ at various organizations. 

The results will support the SIEQUA-CERT team to understand the issues and develop targeted innovative solutions for monitoring, decision support and control of the IEQ. Thus, enabling large high-occupancy buildings to achieve a Sustainable Indoor Environment for their occupants leading to IEQ Certification


Participation is voluntary. Your responses are confidential and will only be used for the purposes of the survey.

For your participation in this survey you will be asked to give some data and information, which will be processed in accordance with the EU GDPR as well as in accordance with the project's and our company's policies on ethics and data management, which you can find here.