SIEQUA-CERT Informed Consent -SBS and IEQ assessment in office workers

This form provides the following clear and comprehensible explanations regarding the research study you are to take part in, as well as information regarding your rights.

More specifically:

1. Programme Title you are invited to participate in:
Sick building syndrome and indoor environmental quality assessment in office workers

2. Protocol Number given by the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee:

3. Scientific Director of the Programme you are invited to participate in
Prof. Konstantinos C. Makris, Professor of Environmental Health, Cyprus University of Technology

4. Programme Duration:
4 years

5. Brief description of the programme (purpose, recruitment procedures, number of participants, as well as any other essential information)
The study focuses on assessing indoor air quality in Cyprus buildings and its relation to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). It's a prospective panel study involving 150 workers. The participants, aged 18-64, voluntarily come from two office buildings. The study comprises the use of questionnaires and environmental sensors to collect data over several months, with ethical considerations ensuring no personal data collection and minimal interaction with participants.

6. Details of what will be requested and/or what will happen to programme participants
Answers in survey (adapted English version of the Swedish questionnaire MM 040 NA translated into English and Greek languages)

7. Research Programme Funding Information
The study is undertaken in the framework of the “Real-time monitoring and actionable decision support for Sustainable Indoor Environment Quality Certification” (SIEQUA-CERT) project. The project is co-funded by the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation / Programme RESTART 2016 – 2020 / I. SMART GROWTH / CO-DEVELOP under Grant Agreement CODEVELOP-ICT-HEALTH/0322/0054. 

8. Details of any risks that may exist or any inconvenience that programme participants may incur

Personal data collected will be anonymized before any further analysis on the data regarding the SIEQUA-CERT by project partners LELANTUS and PHOEBE which have a non-disclosure agreement with the employer.
Questionnaires are distributed to participants through their employer, not through the study directors.

9. Details of what information and/or what material will be collected under the programme, who will have access to it and for how long.

Information about the air quality in participants' offices, their satisfaction with these parameters, whether they experienced any symptoms of SBS.

10. Details of what data will be generated for you within the programme, who will have access to them and for how long.
Epidemiological associations and models of SBS symptoms as a function of indoor environmental quality.

11. Expected benefit for participants
The participant will benefit by giving data to the researchers to improve the indoor environmental quality of their working place. The participants shall have access to the aggregated results of this survey through their employer. Having information on indoor environmental quality for their working place would be quite helpful to create evidence-based risk communication strategies.

12. Expected benefit for researchers and/or sponsors
Anonymized data will be used for further analysis and training of mathematical models, the knowledge gained from this study will help to develop policies to improve air quality in buildings in the future.

13. Details of termination or early discontinuance of the research programme.
The participant can terminate or discontinue her/his participation by writing an email to the PI of the project Dr Konstantinos Makris at

14. Site and duration of storage of data to be taken under the programme

Data collection will follow GDPR principles. Participation in this study is completely voluntary and participants can withdraw from the survey at any point and their personal information will be stored for 4 years and destroyed thereafter.

15. Full contact details and title of the person to whom participants can submit complaints or grievances regarding the programme they participate in.

Mrs. Maria Ioannou
Data Protection Officer
Cyprus University of Technology
Tel. no.: 25 00 2355, Email:

16. Full contact details and title of the person whom participants can contact for more information or clarifications about the research programme.

Dr. Alexis Kyracou
Founder and CEO
LELANTUS Innovations Ltd

M: +357 99303887